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Stores/Manufacturing Facilitys

If you are a store and or manufacturing facility we have over 70,000 items not listed & we import over 100 metric tons per month if you have a price you would like lowered just ask ask and we will do it for you we do require a proof a receipt from farm or vendor and we have no trouble giving you the most competitive pricing on the market if you are a retail person just maybe thinking of testing the waters feel free to ask we will give you 100$ discount to try first all of our products and tested by multiple laboratories and 3rd party labs and we own our own in house manufacturing facility on 150 areas of land we are in no shortage and would love to meet your supply and demand our whites and greens test at 1.5-2.0 and our reds at 1.2 our extract we have the purest of the pure even at 1000.00% In liquid freebase powder any % we have or can make it's all upto you . Liquid,powder, crystal,salt,tablets, edibles we do it all. God bless you if you would like b2b catalog feel free to ask.

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Please bear with us

We are insanely busy and no prices on here are accurate we need time to update actually our prices just got raised from our farm but we will not pass it on to stores just doing a quick post nothing on

Tier 1

Tier 1 600 dollar MOQ TERMS.

Stores only

We are working as fast as possible we have thousands of items .. this site b2b orders only on MOQ TERMS.. if you want our regular retail price please goto the retail site the original


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